Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo…




After Nintendo’s Direct and other sporadic announcements of E3, it soon became clear that the WiiU won’t be for me.  With an Xbone to play the upcoming multiplatform titles and a 3DS to give me some of that lingering N-gold, there just isn’t room on my shelf (or in my wallet) for the console side of Nintendo.  That isn’t to say I’ve lost faith, but that there is a laundry list of dirty clothes that has to be cleaned up before I can play with any of their toys.  If Nintendo felt inclined to pick up the mess, here are a few items they should probably send to the dry cleaning. Continue reading

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Xbox News 5/13/14

“Honey, I think the bed should be on this wall instead.”  Sometimes out of nowhere we get an itch to switch things up.  While, obviously, Microsoft has been bouncing ideas around for months, to us it seems that they just woke up and decided that May 13 was a special day.  With news on news on news, Xbox has gotten everyone talking and I’ve got the adrenaline running to shake the sleepy eyes and weigh in. Continue reading

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Child of Light Review (Xbox One)


It has been so long since I’ve played a new turn based RPG and boy did I miss it. For $15 I stepped into the world of Lumeria and didn’t regret a moment. Ubisoft takes a few new approaches that I really enjoyed. Igniculus, light the way. Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere

Arya ready for some more?  With the return of my personal favorite property, I am once again eagerly waiting to see the weekly translation of written work to cinematic fruition.  I have nothing but praise for the show up until this point, and the first teasing slice of this season bodes seemingly well for its future.  There are only this episode’s spoilers ahead. Continue reading

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Titanfall Review (Xbox One)

The Titanfall Beta was a blast.  The first week exposed us to the remainder of the loadout options, game modes, and maps.  So where do I stand with dust settled and weeks gone by?  Continue reading

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