28 Zombies Later

From movies to television to literature, today’s entertainment is oversaturated with the supernatural and fantastic.  Voluptuous vampires, honor bound knights, and superhuman beings have all transcended geek culture and, almost, reached a state of common awareness.  Now, many movie patrons/gamers/TV audiences have complained about the flood of these overdone tropes, but I see a societal advantage.  While this could be applied to almost any genre that has been milked dry, let’s focus on the most seemingly applicable, zombies.

In most zombie flicks, we see the outbreak and the initial confusion.  In this critical time, the surprised characters slowly learn about what ways infection spreads, how the deceased reanimate, that shooting in the head usually does the trick, etc.  You already know this.  Your coworkers know this.  My mom even knows this.  By the time our movie survivors have pieced this all together however, the world has gone down the drain, and the majority of human civilization is either dead or undead.  If only Johnny knew that his bitten sister was about to turn…  If only Suzie Q knew to make sure to double tap…  But we know.

If the zombie apocalypse were tomorrow, I don’t think I’d be overly concerned.  We have almost prepared ourselves by cultural indoctrination.  We know all the common pitfalls, we can recognize a zombie if it were limping towards us, and we are all pretty much experts on zombie knowledge.  Instead of infection taking us by storm, we may be able to even head off the whole thing before it even gets out of hand!  While we may have one or two emergency preparedness drills a year, the various forms of zombie iterations could each be easily be broken down into zombie training scenarios.

So while some may groan when seeing another decaying carcass craving human flesh, simply look at it as HR shoving another training video into your day.  Hey, it may save your life.

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