Next Gen Video Gamers

Less than a month away, we have the Xbox One and the PS4 hitting shelves for a brief moment before the droves that are lined outside rip them right off.  However, while we may be waiting for the newest generation of home consoles, the next generation of gamer is already here.  We come in various forms, play a wide array of titles, and have our own strong opinions.  With the industry growing we have record breaking sales, which I safely assume means an astounding number of people playing them.  So who are we, and more importantly, how are we affecting our passion?

Gamers are a fickle breed.   While some may come off as bit snobbier than others, we all take pride in our personal selection of games, consoles, preferences, etc. and love to “compare” with our comrades in gaming.  There is nothing wrong with a little enthusiasm.  We form bonds with strangers over streams of data, have an outlet for that pent up frustration from work, as well as opening our minds to new concepts or gameplay.  At least, that is how I remember gaming.

Recently, we have changed.  Or perhaps the more vocal of the bunch have become our unofficial voices.  With every scrap of gaming news released, it is bombarded with waves of critique and, occasionally, uproar.  The gaming community may be passionate, but perhaps we’ve gotten a little big for our britches.  Who is going to attempt any innovation when the raging forum monsters are waiting with maws open wide?

Maybe the One was going to destroy themselves, or perhaps there was a glimmer of incredible potential in the new policies, we’ll never know.  Whether you were on board or disgusted with the original plan, we unleashed a power that scared the ever-living out of me.  We’ve established that with enough whining (or potentially begging), we can change decisions.  With this threat alone, the industry has become wary.

We all have dreams of potential games.  Maybe it’s a specific time period for Assassin’s Creed, a Pokemon MMO, or an overhaul of a certain game’s mechanics, but we all have some hope for that perfect game.  Who is going to dare to venture into our dreams?  At the end of the day, these providers of our interactive entertainment are still companies.  Risks aren’t their forte.  Why recreate the wheel when the one turning now is making money?

Borrowing games and purchasing used copies of them aren’t evil, but they do put a strain on the overall selection.  Yes, we are flooded with sequels and annual iterations.  However, these sell and generate profit for their publishers.  The money from that $10 used copy of a game goes to the store from which you just bought it, not those who tried to make something new.

I still love gaming.  I’ve been playing since I could hold a controller, and don’t have an end in sight.  Perhaps we will see some change soon.  Indie games have breathed some life into various genres, and the positive responses have seemingly turned heads on a corporate level.  Good to see us using our powers for the good of the hobby.  I guess I am asking for a tug on the reins.  Let’s give the new things a chance to breathe before we suck them dry.  Magikarp started off a horrible deal as well.  Now he’s got a Mega Evolution.

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