Console of the Year

Perhaps with two months left in the year, it seems a bit early to go gaga over which system presented us with the most engaging experiences this year.  However, the hours and enjoyment have accumulated enough to keep me firm in my selected hardware.  While I was a little late to the party, I still found myself making sure I kept this baby charged and pocket accessible.  I love you, Pikachu 3DS XL.

I haven’t spent as much time on a handheld since my days with Link’s Awakening and Blue Version.  The 3DS has pried me away from the Xbox on many occasions, and has a library that it can boast.  The thing is perfect.  It fits in my pocket.  It can download games.  The 3D is optional (aka “off”).  The controls are responsive.  The list just continues.

I’ll admit that I did play many titles that had already been released for the system.  Who is going to pass up a chance for another play through of OoT though? Along with that masterpiece, I caught up with Kid Icarus: Uprising, some Marios, and many Virtual Console titles.  So yes, I may have a skewed point of view with these all wrapped up in my new ownership.  However, I know I will play through most of them again next year and enjoy it.  Replay value is tasty stuff, and the 3DS serves it up.

This year’s releases are just as engaging.  Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate alone almost makes the 3DS sweep the competition away.  Personally, MH3U is hands down in my top 5 with a strong chance at taking it all.  I have more hours in the bad boy than I care to share, and, to sweeten it a bit more, it has multiplayer for days, son!  My fellow hunters and I have suffered through many scheduling woes just to have the chance to slay a few more of the leviathans.

While Pokemon X/Y aren’t my favorite in the series, they are still good games.  They also show the capabilities of the online function for the 3DS, which I hope will serve as a stepping stone for future 3DS games.  I didn’t fall down the rabbit hole with this one.  More friends are picking up the game, and the trading/battling aspects of the series will undoubtedly draw me right back.

If I hadn’t sunk enough time in my portable gaming, I am still looking forward to Link between Worlds as well as Shovel Knight (a Kickstarter game I funded) later this year.  With so many suggestions and other missed titles, I look forward to continuing my 3DS ownership with aplomb.  While my other means of gaming have all but become a solitary experience, the 3DS keeps me connected with friends and is more affordable.

Do yourself a solid and just pick one up.  (But not the Zelda 3DS XL… because I’d be jealous)

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2 Responses to Console of the Year

  1. Actually some deals on the 3DS as well as other things if that can lighten the blow on anyone’s pocket.

  2. I recently picked up a 3DS XL. So far I really enjoy it, but haven’t gotten to dig into a lot of the software from this past year. It looks like it definitely had a good year though.

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