A Tale of Two Seconds

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.  Gamers, geeks, and nerds alike are experiencing an abundance of media and merchandise that grows with every passing moment.  While those of the past were more closely collected packs that clung to the few sources of quality nerdom, the variety of breeds today are as diverse as a box of Crayola crayons. With more and more people being exposed and falling in love with the once socially rejected, everything has changed for both the better and the worse.

Almost every television station has catered to the new wave of science fiction.  Whether it is super powered heroes or fanged models, our programming illustrates a new trend in what is hot.  The same is true for the movie screen as well.  The biggest box office hits, for the most part, are exactly what that kid in glasses used to be teased for loving.  These are all wonderful things.  Who would have guessed that “A Song of Ice and Fire” would not only have a series on the tube, but a HBO hit at that? It ain’t all peaches and cream, though.

With popularity comes demand, and times can get pretty rough for those diehards out there.  In an age where news flies like wildfire, exclusivity is hard to obtain.  Take SDCC for example.  Normally, those who wished to enter Hall H (the prime destination for panels galore) would arrive and wait in line early the morning of or late the night before.  This year, however, many that arrived around ten o’clock the evening preceding the panels didn’t make it in the doors due to the sheer volume of attendees that had lined up beforehand.  If that wasn’t absurd enough, many Dr. Who fans (worried that a similar scenario awaited their event) blocked the daily activities by lining up in the midst of the convention smack in the middle of the afternoon.

Club Nintendo (a rewards program offering Nintendo games and merch) runs into similar problems monthly.  Whenever new stock is posted, the hot items sell out within minutes leaving those at work or not attached to the “refresh” button to the wolves.  It seems that a price comes with such social awareness.

Along with every “Chronicle” we get a “Green Lantern.”  That doesn’t seem to be such a bad deal.  Money is a universal language, nonetheless.  What happens when our favorites start chasing those dollar signs?  Star Wars already tried to double dip, and now they are hungry for a third course.  The Hobbit is getting the “part” treatment, and anything with a hint of that green smell lingering on it is getting a remake.

Even so, overall I feel like it is a great time to be a nerd.  So what if they messed up a bit from the comic?  At least you got to see your boy in action on the big screen.  Didn’t get that limited edition or preorder in time? There is always Ebay.  While everything may not be hunky dory, we got a buffet from which to select.  So nab your plate and pile on just the stuff you fancy.

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