My Top 5 Games of 2013

New year, new systems, and new games!  2013 had a lot of gems to lead us into the next generation.  Let’s take a look at what five games had what it took to float my Jackdaw.

5.  The Last of Us

Shout out to Ricardo for letting me crash his place while he was out of town so I could utilize his PS3 to experience this cinematic marvel.  If you think storylines in video games are shallow and straightforward, you are correct.  In recent game history, however, we have started to work towards plot driven adventures.  This game, which will most likely hit every list, is a testament to what a game can truly achieve on the narrative end of gaming.  While the game mechanics were extremely repetitive and had me wanting to just watch a movie by the end, The Last of Us is a game I can recap with my friends with more than just how many cars I’ve totaled doing ridiculous things.

4.  Grand Theft Auto V

Nothing wrong with those games that embrace the ridiculousness though!  While I’m not a fan of the Skyrim vast emptiness, I do love large worlds and exploration done correctly.  This game wowed me every time I launched into Los Santos.  After 100% the campaign, I was still managing to find easter eggs that were tucked away to their finder’s delight.  If the Online mode had held any water, this would have easily hit the #1 spot.  Maybe if they ever introduce those heists…

3.  Link Between Worlds

I wanted to just have this as all five of my top games.  A sequel to LttP, no stylus controls, unique Streetpass game, not Spirit Tracks, but I can’t let my love for Zelda let me be biased.  While almost everything about this game is perfect, it had just a handful of slips.  The Hero Mode was disappointing, and I much prefer how OoT handled their “New Game+.”  If you or your kids have a 3DS and are missing this title, this is best game that caters to a wide audience.

2.  Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

The only reason this list wasn’t posted at the end of 2013 was that I have been lost in the animus battling fellow Abstergo employees to make my way up the Templar ladder.  This game delivered on both the campaign and multiplayer front, which is quite rare for a title to pull off.  My only complaint is that I am so deeply hooked.  The next AC title can’t come soon enough.

1.  Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

I did it.  I put it on top.  This baby easily has the most hours logged into it.  It isn’t a game for everyone, but it is certainly a game for me.  Simply a solid game when hitting it solo, but MH3U really shines when you’ve got a couple of friends taking down huge beasts all for just a couple teeth and skins.  THE ONLY misstep on their part is the lack of online connectivity.  It’s ok though.  Monster Hunter 4 will hopefully be announced for the states any day now.

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