Peggle 2 Review

It is here! The time wasting phenomenon that was so addicting and executed to perfection has released its sequel for the Xbone.  With new levels, finisher songs, and supped up characters, let’s play until we are bedridden with extreme fever.


You play the first one?  It is identical.  You still are clearing orange pegs, powering up with green ones, and hoping that purple peg pushes you to that extra ball all while the bucket slides side to side in hopes of catching your shot.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  However, there were a few welcome tweaks that added some new elements to the game.

Those seeking extra challenges always gravitated towards getting that blue ribbon which was rewarded by clearing ALL the pegs of a level and not simply the oranges.  Pop Cap has expanded upon that goal and has added point goal for each level as well as a special feat to accomplish (special shot, points in a single shot, etc.).  If that weren’t enough, Trial levels are also included that present you with a specific task in a preset scenario.  These are all very rewarding and give you great reasons to replay levels once you get through the single player campaign.

As you progress through the “story,” you unlock the five characters that dictate what ability you receive when striking a green peg.  With the exception of Bjorn, the unicorn, the rest of the cast is all new.  In the original Peggle, you may have settled on a character or two to play through the game.  I feel that the developers did a great job of tailoring the new members to different levels which makes the player stray from their favorites.  Another little touch that is simply outstanding is the clear music.  “Ode to Joy” is still present when playing as Bjorn, but every character has a unique score and epic classical fanfare when finishing a board.

My complaints are few.  You unlock costumes for the avatars, but you have to scroll through them every time you switch instead of your choice being saved.  Another small oversight is the retry function.  When trying to nab those extra challenges, you find yourself resetting quite a bit when a shot or power isn’t up to snuff.  The load time and screens between attempts is long enough that over multiple forays you are feeling the drag.  Those aside, Pop Cap did the most by doing nothing at all.


Unfortunately, the game is seriously lacking at this point.  There are no leaderboards or duels.  The 4 player matches are a set number of rounds (normally 10) and the highest score at the end wins.  While it is fun to mess around, I like an edge of competition while online.  There are many different playstyles when it comes to Peggle, and this mode negates many.

The good news is Pop Cap usually updates and adds content down the road.  With duels and more on the way, hopefully we will see some improvements on this front.



I love Peggle.  For $12 you can’t really ignore simply throwing this into your library.  While I am not as hooked as the original, I appreciate having that leisure game available when I am just in the mood to sit back, shoot, and listen to the sounds of pegs light up.

WAIT!!! Almost forgot this most crucial piece of information… Peggle 2 loves to record clips and there is no way to STOP IT!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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