Titanfall (Beta) Review

Being personally burnt out on FPSers, I was surprised to be drawn to Titanfall.  I gained access to the beta this Valentine’s weekend, and my interest was proven to be well placed.  With my first all nighter I’ve been compelled to pull in a while, I am certain that Titanfall brings a fresh exhilaration that the genre has been lacking.

That being said, it isn’t revolutionary.  You still use guns (both big and small) to kill the other guys who are trying to return the favor.  I dare say, however, that this game does it the best with new tweaks and small improvements.

Everyone loves jumping.  We jump in MMOs, we’ve been jumping since Mario, and we complain if there is no jump available.  So when you give us a double jump, jump resets, wallrunning into jumps, jumping onto enemies, and jumps that can find their way into your dreams… You are satisfying that urge in so many ways that gamers can’t help but have a nerdgasm.

Cannon fodder.  In other shooters, the players who are new or just plain can’t cut it provide the disposable deaths that feed the power and control that elite players experience when playing matches.  Titanfall gives all players the chance to feel that empowerment.  Grunts are constantly shooting it out with other grunts and players with gigantic targets on their heads.  While the reward for these kills are substantially less, the small victories give that warm feeling of taking a computerized life that many have come to savor.

And most of all, Respawn has given us the Titans.  These guys along with pilots’ unparalleled maneuverability bring enough variety to make every match different.  I love getting my Titan as fast as possible then going on the hunt for enemy tinmen.  That’s just me.  Some people prefer to stay mobile and have their Titan as a distraction.  Others want to lay waste to anything that will fit in their hands or under their metal boot.  The game already runs buttery smooth with crisp animations, so no matter your personal preference you can fight in whichever way you desire.

I can’t wait for the retail release with all of the new customization options and player base that this game has in store.  The guys at Respawn boldly went for a multiplayer-only shooter, and it shows.  I am more than amazed with the beta and am anticipating the real thing with a racing heart.

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