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I was one of the few who were distraught when Microsoft backpedalled from their initial Xbox One plans.  Many of their mold breaking adjustments resonated with the type of system I wanted.  While I am pleased with my Xbone, there is one thing that I simply don’t understand.  What reason do I have to digitally download a game?

Having a One makes the user a master of multitasking and toggling between apps and games.  Playing a game, but your show is about to start? Instantly switch.  There is nothing on Netflix, but how about Hulu? Boom, it’s loaded up without even turning on the controller.  At any point I can pick up the game from which I left off.  With the downloaded games, I can switch between the titles I own without worrying about where a game is or even putting it in the drive.  Microsoft seemed set on this digital future, and it still seems like a possibility.  So I ask again, why are you not pushing what you want?

When you preorder a game at a store, you either get some sort of trinket or meaningless in-game item.  They aren’t must-haves, but it is nice to get a little extra when dropping $60 for a new release.  Microsoft itself is even offering a $10 credit to their store with the preorder of Titanfall at the moment.  This deal, however, is only available for the hard copy and not the digital download.  As much as I love the accessibility of my digital library, the financial and sensible side of me is going to win out for that credit.

I’m not married to the idea of discs, but it is hard to ignore money glued to their cases.  I am holding out hope that the Xbox One will start to trickle in some of those amazing new features that were burned at the stake, but getting people off the disc and downloading is a big first step.

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