Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere

Arya ready for some more?  With the return of my personal favorite property, I am once again eagerly waiting to see the weekly translation of written work to cinematic fruition.  I have nothing but praise for the show up until this point, and the first teasing slice of this season bodes seemingly well for its future.  There are only this episode’s spoilers ahead.

Possibly my favorite moment from last night’s endeavor into the Martin’s realm was right at the end of the “Previously On” segment.  For a brief moment, let me harp on my dislike for poorly done recap sequences.  Showing certain scenes and highlighting long forgotten characters is a disservice to the episode at hand.  Sure, many people may have lost track of characters (especially given the nature of this show), but with such an obvious highlight, we are almost spoiled with the following events.  Perhaps having read through the series I am extra sensitive, but I can’t help but notice this same treatment with other television I watch.  While it in no way ruins the value of the show, a little of its magic is lost.  However, this week’s did offer a small gem at the end.  We see a parallel of Ned’s greatsword, Ice, being wielded in previous seasons by both Ned and his executioner.  It was a beautiful edit that melded perfectly with the opening scene of the night.  These moments by no means may hold great importance when compared to other events, but the attention to detail and time spent on something most readers adore is quite the touch.  The show only continued to impress from there.

While there were no story impactful events, the show did accomplish a graceful balancing act between most of its endless cast of characters.  The pacing was perfect as it flowed from lion to crow and on.  Speaking of all those houses, we are finally getting a face for yet another.  Newcomer Oberyn of Dorne has stepped into the Red Keep which will likely be bad news for the throne, but no doubt great news for us.  With just a scene I felt his character was presented, swallowed, and deserving of seconds.  Daario, though not a new character, certainly has a new face.  Recast and ready to mingle we get a new taste on a potential Dany suitor.  I didn’t quite take heart to last season’s portrayal, but I can’t say that this new one will fare any better.  I feel that this fresh blood holds none of the exotic flashiness that the character needs to stand out from the other smooth-tongued gentlemen that grace the seven realms and beyond.  Guess we didn’t have enough eye candy already.

With plans forming and chess pieces cautiously dancing, we are left with little room for action.  Luckily, the Hound with his tiny prize has a very simple agenda.  Concluding the night, this perfect duo is gracious enough to give us that blood that we all admittedly or secretly crave.  Arya has shown her capacity for violence, but we see a shade of utter acceptance of its need that really hoists the lady wolf as one of those flagship characters that everyone is dying to see week to week.  HBO has yet to fail me by staying true to its source and only deviating in the slightest.  Stay course, HBO, the way is already paved.

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  1. I definitely hear you on the Previously On complaints. Especially if you’ve read the books, it layed out a lot of scenes that would be coming in Ep 1 ahead of time. Still great episode. I loved the Arya scene and the Oberyn intro in particular.

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