Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo…




After Nintendo’s Direct and other sporadic announcements of E3, it soon became clear that the WiiU won’t be for me.  With an Xbone to play the upcoming multiplatform titles and a 3DS to give me some of that lingering N-gold, there just isn’t room on my shelf (or in my wallet) for the console side of Nintendo.  That isn’t to say I’ve lost faith, but that there is a laundry list of dirty clothes that has to be cleaned up before I can play with any of their toys.  If Nintendo felt inclined to pick up the mess, here are a few items they should probably send to the dry cleaning.

To start they’d have to hit the reset button and sell me on a new console.  There are too many hurdles that I feel I have to jump with the WiiU not to mention how late I would feel coming to the party.  The Gamepad would make a great option for consumers, but I need a gaming controller focus.  The announcement of the Gamecube controller attachment only cemented my feelings on the matter, not to mention that the Wiimote needs to be buried with the Powerglove.  Also, Nintendo’s focus on couch co-op is wonderful, but neglecting a mirrored online experience really puts me out of an option when it comes to multiplayer.  Games are the most fun with others, but sometimes the internet is the only loveseat in the house.

So Nintendo decides to make this revolutionary new console; what’s it got to have for ole Groat?  Other than a basic controller and comparable online capabilities: the games I want.  This new sucker needs to have a Zelda, Metroid, and Mario right out of the gate.  I am more than ok with liberties taken with the Zelda franchise.  With a standard controller, it is hard to do any wrong as Link with me in the driver seat.  Metroid just avoid first-person.  Not even just for the missiles.  None.  Of course Mario can do no wrong.  I would beg for a sequel to Super Mario RPG, but I’d like to be realistic. 🙂

Anything else they could tack on would be excellent.  Let’s see if I could throw out a few suggestions. The 3DS to be used as a wireless controller. A complete Virtual Console library full of classics (especially SNES) is a no brainer.  Give us all the video streaming services in the dying days of cable.  A method of recording gameplay for our records.   Hell, I’d even take the Gamepad as an optional purchase.

With this dream console, Nintendo would be back in my good graces.  However, I’d ask for a little bit more.  Many companies have established trust and a communicative relationship with their customers.  I’d like to see Nintendo make this transition as well.  There is no reason to keep us in the dark.  Our expectations only grow more and more ridiculous the less we are informed.  How can you ever meet the impossible dreams that fans cultivate in this environment?  A clear, conveyed path with games and developments shared on a regular basis would make the consumers feel part of the process and the games themselves.

Nintendo is innovative yet traditional in ways that Microsoft and Sony could never match.  These attributes are only ingredients.  I feel like I’ve seen a lot of burnt cake recently, but hopefully that perfect mixture is next on the menu.

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2 Responses to Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo…

  1. Anon says:

    >With an Xbone to play the upcoming multiplatform titles


    • Yeppers, especially Assassin’s Creed. I get a lot of run out of those games and enjoy the multiplayer aspect of them. Between the PS4 and Xbox One, I went with Xbox with their servers and history of great online support.

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