Peggle 2 Review

It is here! The time wasting phenomenon that was so addicting and executed to perfection has released its sequel for the Xbone.  With new levels, finisher songs, and supped up characters, let’s play until we are bedridden with extreme fever. Continue reading

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My Top 5 Games of 2013

New year, new systems, and new games!  2013 had a lot of gems to lead us into the next generation.  Let’s take a look at what five games had what it took to float my Jackdaw. Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review (Xbox One)

With funds quite low, I’ve only got one title at the moment for my Xbone.  I am pleased that I waited for the new Assassin’s Creed.  While the consensus seems to be that the previous installment of the series (AC3) was a flop, I’ll admit it wasn’t the best but still held value.  Doubt and suspicion surrounded Black Flag as Ubisoft continued its annual pace with a strange focus on the naval battles which were a small part of its predecessor.  I am here to wash away that uncertainty and boast an Assassin title that rivals whatever may your favorite in the series.  It’s time to go now, haul away your anchor! Continue reading

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Xbox One Review

With the exception of my cat chewing through the cord of the headset, I have had nothing but a great experience with my new Xbone.  From its quick, multitasking prowess all the way down to the pinnacle of gaming controllers, I have been impressed and more than pleased.  Is it for everyone?  Well, no.  If you aren’t already using a 360/PS3 on a daily basis, there probably isn’t a need to jump to the next gen anytime soon.  However, if you find yourself wanting to respark that pure gaming adrenaline, picking up one of these bad boys will certainly get your blood pumping.  “Xbox On.” Continue reading

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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

Disclaimer: A Link to the Past (LttP) is my favorite Zelda title.

If you own 3DS, this game is your next purchase.  If you don’t have a 3DS, this game merits new 3DS ownership.  Zelda, with few exceptions, has been the same formula since the series’ arrival back on the NES.  This latest installment manages to shake it up a bit, yet still hold the integrity and feel of those that came before it.  Perhaps you have an uncomfortable, choo choo taste in your mouth or have shunned from entering the seemingly endless quests in and out of Hyrule.  Hey, listen.  It is time to don some green, break some pots, and embark on one of Link’s most enjoyable endeavors to date. Continue reading

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Pre Orders

Ever walk into a store, eager to get your hands on that new copy of the latest hot game, only to find that it isn’t there? No? Me either.  Sure, there was a time that games disappeared within minutes and took a couple weeks to restock, but those days are behind us.  No company is going to miss out on sales just because you neglected to throw down $5 beforehand.  So why are we still doing it? Continue reading

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Ender’s Game Review/Comparison

So there’s a movie based on a popular book, who knew?  While these types of adaptations can never possibly reach the depth and scope of their written counterparts, we’ve gotten close with a few shots (Game of Thrones most specifically).   This one did a decent job.  I would highly recommend the Ender movie as a companion piece to the book.  The streamlined and condensed story makes the movie quite understandable, but it loses a lot of the magic that brings life to most of the characters.  Let’s go into more detail (and spoileriness) after the jump. Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Seconds

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.  Gamers, geeks, and nerds alike are experiencing an abundance of media and merchandise that grows with every passing moment.  While those of the past were more closely collected packs that clung to the few sources of quality nerdom, the variety of breeds today are as diverse as a box of Crayola crayons. With more and more people being exposed and falling in love with the once socially rejected, everything has changed for both the better and the worse. Continue reading

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Console of the Year

Perhaps with two months left in the year, it seems a bit early to go gaga over which system presented us with the most engaging experiences this year.  However, the hours and enjoyment have accumulated enough to keep me firm in my selected hardware.  While I was a little late to the party, I still found myself making sure I kept this baby charged and pocket accessible.  I love you, Pikachu 3DS XL. Continue reading

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Next Gen Video Gamers

Less than a month away, we have the Xbox One and the PS4 hitting shelves for a brief moment before the droves that are lined outside rip them right off.  However, while we may be waiting for the newest generation of home consoles, the next generation of gamer is already here.  We come in various forms, play a wide array of titles, and have our own strong opinions.  With the industry growing we have record breaking sales, which I safely assume means an astounding number of people playing them.  So who are we, and more importantly, how are we affecting our passion? Continue reading

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