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Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo…

      After Nintendo’s Direct and other sporadic announcements of E3, it soon became clear that the WiiU won’t be for me.  With an Xbone to play the upcoming multiplatform titles and a 3DS to give me some of … Continue reading

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Xbox News 5/13/14

“Honey, I think the bed should be on this wall instead.”  Sometimes out of nowhere we get an itch to switch things up.  While, obviously, Microsoft has been bouncing ideas around for months, to us it seems that they just … Continue reading

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Digital Downloads

I was one of the few who were distraught when Microsoft backpedalled from their initial Xbox One plans.  Many of their mold breaking adjustments resonated with the type of system I wanted.  While I am pleased with my Xbone, there … Continue reading

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Xbox One Review

With the exception of my cat chewing through the cord of the headset, I have had nothing but a great experience with my new Xbone.  From its quick, multitasking prowess all the way down to the pinnacle of gaming controllers, … Continue reading

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